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Conversations and information will be treated confidentially in our house. For inquiries please feel free to contact people via the website or give you an overview on the topic: investigations, information, identities

Earlier, the detective was only the official rank of an English policeman. The detective or private investigator found it quickly spread. Germany is in the title private investigator detectives in Germany enjoy no special rights or powers. The detective's job title and as such are not protected by no official license.

For more information about the SGB detective  using the requests will be handled discreetly in private conversation. For clarification of an issue perhaps people need to be under surveillance. That is, the main activity consists of the detective from the observation of individuals over an extended period. This is where the detective noted the photos and the time schedule  of  the person. The detective moves in all actions always under the laws and regulations, a detective  has no special rights. With the application of the necessary equipment such as video and photographic equipment, radio and night-vision goggles to know our staff well. If a crime uncovered the private investigators working together with the authorities and must be witnesses in court. Here is a detailed and accurate documentation of all evidence of great importance.

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